Sixth Grade


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 The mission and focus of Valley Elementary School

In our Valley Community, we are committed to every child’s success. 

Valley Elementary Sixth Grade

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts: The sixth grade language arts curriculum is focused on reading and comprehension of a large range of genres included in literature and informational text. We use technology to research and build present knowledge, then produce, present and distribute writing. Our students collaborate, debate and write argumentative essays. Sixth grade students use technology to write, direct, and perform in end of year science melodrama plays and digital movies.

Math: We use EconoMe, a hands-on, real life, simulation full of opportunities for our students to use math in the real world. Sixth grade math concepts include: understand and use ratios, multiplication and division of fractions, apply previous knowledge to reason and solve algebraic expressions. Use knowledge and technology to solve real- world problems involving area and volume, statistical variability and distributions.

Social Studies: Immersion and integration of Ancient Civilizations and how they relate to modern civilizations: Students create periodicals, artifacts, murals, scripts, scenery, presentations, debates, and power points based upon major historical events, civilizations, and themes. The curriculum correlates with projects in Language Arts, Math, and Art.

Science: Students use hands on discovery, experimenting, and investigating that lead to descriptions, summaries, and explanations about Microorganisms, Space, Heat, Light, and Sound. They use technology to research, write, type, and present research papers. Sixth graders participate in the School Science Fair. Students also have the opportunity to enjoy Science Days; this is a two day event full of science activities and fun.

Art: Sixth graders learn about Master Artists’ and their techniques and then create art using those same techniques and art mediums. Our students learn to read music, and play simple songs in our piano keyboard lab.

PE/Health: Sixth graders learn a variety of fitness and sport skills for a healthy fun lifestyle. We also enjoy a day of skiing lessons at our local ski resorts, Powder Mountain or Wolf Mountain every year.

Opportunities for extension of learning: Our students have the opportunity to be journalists. Cyber News students create newspapers and write news articles for Valley Elementary newsletter and Ogden Valley News community newspaper.

EconoMe classroom management jobs with student government opportunities are also available to sixth grade students. Sixth graders lead rotations to teach and review math, language arts and science concepts. Students use technology to create power points and movies to teach other students new concepts in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

Sixth grade service learning opportunities include organizing, advertising and helping out at our community blood drive each October. Students help create a tree for Christmas Tree Jubilee. Our sixth graders plan, organize, advertise, serve, and help at community “Serve to Save” charity dinner/auction held at the school each spring. Students provide service of cleaning pathways and promoting the efforts of Ogden Valley Pathways.

Remediation Techniques: Sixth grade students have the opportunity to work in small groups within the classroom. We make modifications and adaptations to our instruction based on individual learning goals. Our students work with partners or a peer tutor when appropriate. Sixth grade students also have educational aide time and parent volunteers available to help in the classroom so a student can get one on one attention from their teacher when needed. We use the research based program Read Naturally to help students reach individual reading goals. When necessary, a child may need to work with a speech or resource teacher and will be pulled out of the classroom for a short time with other children with similar needs.

Other Learning Opportunities: Sixth graders write, direct and produce original science-based melodrama plays casting their classmates in character roles, create costumes and scenery. Our students also produce Public Service types of commercials based on character education concepts. These commercials and melodrama plays are showcased during a school wide assembly in May.

Sixth graders often enjoy wonderful fieldtrips throughout the year. Places we have attended in the past include: Clark Planetarium, The Leonardo Museum, Alpine Space Center, Golfing, Art Museums, Weber State Science and Art Departments etc. Our students take field trips to the Environmental Center here in Ogden Valley and we have the opportunity to see the Utah Symphony perform each year.


 Sixth Grade is Superb!


Sixth Grade Supply List

6th Grade Supply List 2019-2020

**Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

1 Three-Ring Binder

At least 8 three-hole subject divider pages with pockets

5 three-hole plastic sheet protectors

1 three-hole zippered bag for their supplies

2 red pens or pencils

1 package of regular pencils - pre-sharpened, send a few to school each month

1 ziplock baggies any size, 1 box of kleenex, or 1 roll of paper towels

1 hand sanitizer or 1 canister bleach wipes

1 ruler with standard and metric 

1 scissors

4 glue sticks

2 compostion notebooks

At least 4 dry erase markers (black or color)

1 highlighter

1 box colored pencils - pre-sharpened

optional - Calculator with the π symbol


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