PAWS Bulldog Rules

                                                                               Bulldog Rules:

PAWS, is it Safe, Responsible

and Respectful?

Restroom Procedures:

  1. Wait your turn
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Respect others privacy
  4. Keep restroom clean
  5. Use a quiet voice

Hallway Procedures (FAME):

  1. Face forward
  2. Arms still
  3. Mouths quiet
  4. Everybody ready Walk

Lunchroom Procedures:

  1. Eat your own food
  2. Use good manners
  3. Keep all food in lunchroom
  4. Use a quiet voice
  5. Cleanup

Computer Lab Procedures:

  1. Use a quiet voice
  2. No food
  3. Push in Chairs
  4. Clean up after yourself

Assembly Procedures:

  1. Remain with your class
  2. Use appropriate applause
  3. Listen
  4. Be respectful of the performers

Bus Loading Procedures:

  1. Stay with teacher
  2. Keep to the right
  3. Walk
  4. Get on the bus, stay on the bus

                                                                                Playground Procedures

  1.         Play in designated areas
  2.         Respect others and be kind
  3.         Wear shoes at all times
  4.         No fighting or being overly aggressive
  5.         Follow playground supervisor’s instructions


Bulldog Code of Conduct

 Students who repeatedly break the code of conduct, violate the Weber School District Safe School Discipline Policy, or engage in inappropriate behavior with a substitute teacher will be sent to the office where the following consequences/interventions may be given:


1.       1st offense…Student counseled, parents notified and/or behavioral intervention writing assignment.

2.       2nd offense…Parents notified, loss of privileges/in-school suspension/after school time out.

3.       3rd offense…In or out of school suspension/district/police referral/reinstatement contract.

We are confident that a clear and thorough school wide behavioral intervention plan will teach our children to be accountable for their choices and make this school year a positive and motivation experience. We ask for your support in these efforts. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call the school. Please discuss this information with your child. Thank you.


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